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Undernethe need-to-knows

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 07, 2007 8:38 am    Post subject: Undernethe need-to-knows Reply with quote

Please read these if you are interested in knowing what the hell this mod is!

If you are a not a member, please register so you can unlock many of the interactive forums. They are updated almost daily!

Before: http://i14.tinypic.com/6cfxdt3.jpg

After: http://i10.tinypic.com/505uft3.jpg
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This is an official product of White Hand Studios

White Hand Studios Website:

Undernethe Wiki:

Interview with Bethesda Softworks:

(Almost) Everything you need to know about the mysterious realm beneath the surface of Cyrodiil!

Your quest:

You are tasked by a nobleman to help at an architectural dig site, the supposed reason for which is the uncovering of an amulet he deems to be significant to him, though he refuses to seay why. Exploring the tunnels of the dig, you become trapped by an earthquake underground, with no chance at escape. Though you do become intrigued by an amulet which has just begun to glow. Trying it on, your world goes dark...

And wake up in a strange underground world, surrounded by a race you have never seen before. You soon find out that there is much to know of these people and this world, especially once you realize you are truly stuck. And there's a long way for you to go before you can begin to think about returning to the land above.

The Undernethe:

This is the world of the Nethemer. A vast, interconnected series of tunnels naturally occuring under the surface of Cyrodiil. There exists a single exit, and when you arrive underground, you have no notion of where it is located or how to open it. Due to its isolation from the surface, a number of species, some completely unseen to the rest of Nirn, roam its caverns.

One species in particular ruled this land. They had a long and distinguished history. They built cities and outposts, and held dominion over the races and creatures they encountered. They are the Nethemer.

The Nethemer:

Standing a bit shorter than an average Imperial, these Mer have milky white skin as the result of their lack of exposure to the sun. Their eyes are milky, suggestive of blindness, but the Nethemer are possessors of exceptionally keen night vision. They are agile and hardy, though often stubborn. Of course, they are regardless a matriarchal society, and new movements are brewing in the youth - to explore, to change the status quo, to challenge their traditional views.

It is their stubbornness, perhaps, that led to their current status: with no concrete knowledge of their past, they occupy only a fraction of the Undernethe that they once did. They remain confined to their city, Nethevir, originally through the force of the Elder Council, but now through their inherent familiarity and fear. With little knowledge of what lay outside, they have become suspicious of that which they do not know. And they don't know you.


Nethevir is the great capital city of the Nethemer. Indeed, it is the only city - the result of the Nethemer's conservative views. In the past, they held control of another, Netherayn, and a dozen bustling outposts. But a cataclysmic event brought about the end of all life in Netherayn. Shortly thereafter, the Nethemer effectively ceased to venture outside the walls of their city entirely.

Still, Nethevir is a busy metropolis. As large as the Imperial city, it boasts a great diversity of life - from the farms within their walls, all the way to the center of their world and the mystic light tower standing atop the Elder Council's enclave, everyone has their place.

The Elder Council and Politics:

The current Elder Council is comprised of 3 matrons, each of which governs with their own style. One spot remains, the symbolic head of the council, the Matriarch. She is still a descendent of the last queen of the old era. Some time ago, the members of the Council successfully led a coup against the King of the time, who was lazy and unpopular. To appease the populace, the Queen was given a seat of honor.

However, not all is well with the new council either. Their longtime mistreatment of the lower class has allowed discontent to brew again. When you enter the fray, you will play a factor in the future of Nethemer society.


The Holy Order is home to the practice of the arcane arts, the place where magicka reigns supreme. It is also the spiritual pinnacle for the Nethemer, with members of the Order often leading the Temple in prayers. Their goals are to broaden the boundaries of magic and the knowledge of the gods through practice and pilgrimage.

The Hunter's Society is tasked with maintaining peace and order outside the walls of the Undernethe whenever a threat is present or percieved. They also aid in conflicts and disputes within the city. They are hardened warriors, among the first called in to duty when Nethevir is in peril.

The Scout's Company are often disdained by everyday Nethemer, in part because their founder was one of the most infamous villians of the Nethemer. But this ill-understood group actually are the most brilliant in the city. They dedicate themselves to broadening their sense of the mental and spiritual world. And they also try to obtain a bit of fame (or infamy) in the process.

The Morag Tong was the first order to come into existence, and is steeped in honor and tradition, issuing writs of execution of noble and ignoble intent, for deeds that are the same. Lately, the order has been marginalized by the lack of population for which to maintain a succesful assassin's enterprise, but also by internal strife.


Little is known about the Nethemers' past. Little, because that past was buried when they shut themselves off in their corner of the Undernethe. Of course, records of the outside world do exist, even if only in the Elders' restricted archives. Unraveling these clues, you find a history that affects not just the Nethemer, but all of Tamriel...

and he is always watching...

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