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PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2007 10:19 pm    Post subject: Senaria Reply with quote

I just thought you would like to know what Senaria is about. It is from the WIP thread, which is in WIP. Razz

Some backstory on Senaria:
Senaria is a continent far to the east of Tamriel, beyond even Akavir. It is inhabited by several different human territories spread across the land-- from simple farmers dwelling in the valleys of the west, nomads roaming the vast central deserts, savage bog-dwellers in the east, to a noble Roman-esque kingdom struggling to eek out an existence at the foot of a massive volcano; just to name a few.

Many different types of landscapes spread across the continent of Senaria; from rolling planes to towering mountains; from icy wastes to tropical jungles; from enchanted forests to sweltering deserts, and much much more.

Your adventure begins while in Leyawiin. There you meet a flamboyant and eccentric Captain of a ship. When you speak to him, he notes that you look like a sturdy type, and invites you to go on an epic adventure with him to the far off land of Akavir, in search of the Nerevarine. If you agree, he tells you to be at his ship by sun-up on the next day. You then set out on your journey to Akavir. On the way though, the winds almost completely die down. The captain decides to sail the ship into a fast moving current that runs past Akavir. When you near Akavir, the winds haven't picked back up, and the vessel is unable to get out of the current, which ultimately carries you away from your destination. After a few more days of traveling, a terrible storm blows in, during which you are washed overboard-- your gear and companions, however, do not go overboard with you...

Your half-dead, unconscious form washes up on the beach of the mysterious land of Senaria. Once it had been a beautiful paradise where all peoples lived in peace, millenia ago the peace was shattered when a massive volcano erupted ripping the land asunder. The many peoples of the land were separated and forced to fend for themselves, no longer were they united, and in time they grew to hate each other... A man from a nearby village finds you and takes you back to town, where you make a recovery. Unfortunately for you (but a stroke of luck for the villagers) as soon as have recovered you find that they will soon be attacked by the Quo 'szgil, a race of raptor-men. You must help the villagers defend their town, and fight off the Quo'szgil. You then receive word that this nations capital is defeated. The villagers realize they cannot stay where they are, the only option is to flee. Awed by the way you fought in the battle, they ask for your aid in leading them to freedom. You lead them to the capital, to help take along any survivors, and head to the Desert Empire (name is WIP), who are mortal enemies of the Quo'szgil.

When you reach the capital city, the leader grants you the power to lead the people to create a frontier town in the Quo'szgil's territory, in hopes of pushing them back...
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