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Internal Politics

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Lead Concept Artist
Lead Concept Artist

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 30, 2008 5:22 am    Post subject: Internal Politics Reply with quote

Quest One- Entrance-
The player is approached by an archaeologists assistant, he has come to inform the player that more has been found of the ruins he has already explored (covered in the teaser) he asks the player to please coem to the dig site.

When the player arrives he is received by the lead and is shown a small chamber that has been unearthed. there is a entrance but it is closed. The player is told that they don't know what lies in side, but they would like him to explore it. Once he accepts they open the door and the player enters.

Inside is a small outpost, but the real entrance is in the final chamber where there is a small altar. It can be activated. When the player activates it he receives a quest message "the Amulet that you uncovered earlier grows brightly, and the altar glows in return, then breaks beneath your feet" at which point the player falls into the abyss.

Quest 2- A Rude Welcome- The Player lands in a deep underground pond. Everything is pitch black except for a small light in the distance. When the player swims over he is accosted by a group of guards that where patrolling the tunnels (they are carrying the light)

They begin to guide the player through the tunnels back to nethevir when they are attacked by a group of monsters (to be decided later) all are killed with only the player surviving. now the player is left alone to find his way through the tunnels, they'll wander for quite awhile (lets make this a very large and very dark tunnel network) Until eventually they stumble upon a well traveled path. (they receive a message sayign so, and it will look as though it is used frequently)

They follow the path, and eventually come upon a large stone door protected by 4 guards. When they walk up they are once again arrested and charged with the killing of the other group of guards. They are then taken through the door, which leads directly into the barracks (it is a back door to nethevir)

*to be finished*

*comments please*

Pro Posterus of Subter supter may is ago quod exsisto perfectus
"for the future of Undernethe my she live and be finished"
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Lead Writer
Lead Writer

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

just one comment so far. the undernethe entrance isn't in the same ruins as the teaser. they are found in a nearby larger ruin.
Daracaex wrote:
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