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High Priority  
What is undernethe?
If you are wondering what this project is, read this. Once you are a member, the other forum topics will open and you will be able to post.
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Join the Team
Interested in joining the team? Introduce yourself here.
50 780
Forum and mod announcements.
105 1818
Agreed Action
All the ideas we have agreed to implement.
12 215
Screenshots and trailers for the mod.
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Undernethe Development  
Design Department
For the development of ideas to be used in the mod.
96 1267
World Building Department
For the development of the maps and places of the Undernethe.
31 460
Writing Department
For the development of lore, texts and quests of the Undernethe.
57 619
Concept Art Department
For the development of concept art.
59 818
Voice Department
For the developement of dialogue, mostly voice acting.
13 222
Modelling/ Texturing Department
For developement of any new meshes, textures or animation.
71 1070
Scripting and CS help
For everything scripted. Also post mod-related Construction Set queries here.
24 189
Recruitment Department
Info on how to join our mod team and were to start!
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Hidden Development  
Hidden Design Department
A forum to discuss your ideas for the mod in private.
28 413
Hidden World Building Department
A forum for the development of the maps and places of the Undernethe in private.
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Hidden Writing Department
A forum for developing schemes, lore, quests and factions in private.
11 163
Hidden Modelling/Texturing Department
A forum to post your models, textures and animations for the mod in private.
18 271
Hidden stuff from Cerberus
Post news, betas and links concerning your models, mods, textures, scripts, or mods in private.
20 379
The Design Document
Where the plans for what will be done, are well... planned
6 9
AI Section
Section for All AI scripting to go on undisturbed
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Game Development
For discussion on the Games produced by Cerberus. To postpone the need to make another forum.
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CyFyre development and implementation
Well....CyFyre section, cause jadon shouldnt have to post in the silver club :P
13 54
Otherworld(test forum)
Otherworld was a mod started by Sheogorath, and was solo-work for a while. But now others are taking interest in it. This is a test forum, and if it goes well, it will be permanent
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Hidden Discussion  
The Platinum Club
For discussion amongst the forum's admins.
21 130
The Gold Club
A forum for discussion between the department leads and the admins.
34 349
The Silver Club
For private or sensitive discussion only for the eyes of team members.
171 2245
General Discussion Bin
All the old general discussion topics have been dumped here. Please revive none of them!
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Ocean Mod
Improving the Oceans of Oblivion...
1 8
Adding a vast new continent to the east of Cyrodiil.
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Safe Havens
Safe Haven's Link
2 6
Stuff from Cerberus(Open)
Other low-priority mods, meshes, textures, scripts or ideas our team is working on.
6 72
For the planning of the reorganization of Cerberus in General
9 56
For the planning of the reorganization of The Undernethe
4 39
A Giant Summary
The place to summarize everything up to this point in Undernethe
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The Links
Links to everything finished for Undernethe
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The New Forum, and Website
The place to discuss what forum to use, and the design of that forum. Also to discuss how to do our website.
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